marți, 15 iunie 2010

Every journey needs a destination

In the last 5 years within my work in AIESEC there has been one word that I oftenly found to bring joy, hard work or 1000 feelings associated with it. Goals, also know as targets, objectives, the bottom line are so much part of our proffesional life as a compass is part of the life of an explorer.
Reflecting on my experience with goals I have often used them in each of the roles I took to set destinations from my journey, to struggle and to give my best to achieve them. It is trully fortunate and reassuring to have something to reach for, to always know if you are on the right track and be able to know how far you are from your goals.
Lately I have trully realized that life has two sides. It doesn't gravitate all around my proffesional life in which I have immersed myslef into for the last years. Looking at my personal life which I have chosen to put first for the following year I have rarely enjoyed the benefits of having goals. Things for myself for which I strive so that at the end of the day I am a better man and more fulfilled.
Next year I have chosen to walk two journeys, one as President of AIESEC in Ireland and the other one just as Vladutz. For Vladutz till the 1st of July 2011 I will:

1) Learn how to dance
2) Learn to speak Spanish
3) Learn how to cook
4) Keep myself fit
5) Visit 20 countries

Here goes! No point in beeing afraid of failure as even if I don't get there I will have had a great journey and learnings for other ones. Its test of my ability to organize myself, my determination and ambition to measure myself against myself.
If at the end of the day it's all only for the better. What's to stop me to put a destination on my life?Map the jourey to get there taking control of both my proffesional and personal life.

joi, 1 aprilie 2010

Hapilly ever after

I understand now a little bit more about what it means. How can you be happy with your job and friends when you are not happy with yourself ? We spend most of our lives trying to fix little things around us when we should be looking at the only thing we can really fix, ourselvs.

Life in the end is not about shaping the people around you, rather shaping yourself in the best way you can be. Be happy everyday with yourself! It's the best thing you can do for yourself and for the rest of the world! The rest is concious choice of where you want to go and who you want by your side!

miercuri, 16 decembrie 2009

The Wendsday before Thursday

Hello world,
And by that I mean everybody reading this blog, everybody not reading this blog and all who never heard of it. Sometimes is good to just say hello to those people in your life you wish to make smile or just remember as they were next to you when you needed them, maye you should also say hello to all the people you meet and don't know, who knows were your next friend is waiting for you.
What is so special about today and the positive beat of the first paragraph. Well nothing much, it is just an average Wendsday before Thursday, a regulare office day like a lot of others. Unless you choose to make it special. The secret is to set a goal for the day( even a small thing) strive for it and once it's done you'll see it's a lot better. It can turn an ordinary day into something exciting if you make reaching that goal an adventure.

My goal for today was packing up my backs for home before 8 o'clock. It may seem silly building a day around a moment when the bags are all packed up and ready next to the door, however if you play it like an adventure it will seem like one.

How often do we play and make our days exciting with small things?
So world what is going to make tomorrow exciting for you?

Looking forward for a new exciting day.
Goodnight world. Meet you someday....

vineri, 20 noiembrie 2009

Proud of my team

During my AIESEC life I had the pleasure to work with 3 different teams. Every time it was a different and exciting experience. What is really exciting about changing teams is that every time you can start fresh, you can rediscover and challenge yourself within the team. However the more teams you change the least excited you are or trully apprecitate the gift of beeing part of group of individuals working together for a common purpose.
Today was hard to leave the office. It was 12:20, I was already late for catching the train towards Cluj, and everybody else was still in the office working for NPS and making sure that things happen. As I turned towards the door I couldn't help smile thinking about each one of them and the experiences that we had together.
I can't believe that we have worked together and shared an apartment for 9 months. I can not imagine a day without Iulian waking everybody us up with his ususal "Goood moooooorning" or going to the gym with the guys. Somehow my team has become a big part of my everyday reality that we build together as the MC of ROMANIA.
I know we are so different and then again this is what makes us unique. I know that each one in the team will always give 110% for making things happen and having all this in mind I can't stop smiling while thinking about it.
Proud to be part of this team and really happy I have the chance to wrok with them...

marți, 10 noiembrie 2009

The simple things

Apparently this blog was not meant to be updated constantly rather than in moments were the intensity of feelings is rushing trough myself. Last week was different, from all the other weeks in the MC. It all started on Friday when I went home and spent a week-end with my parents. I really don't remember when was the last time we talked about the small things in our lives and just hang out togehter. We managed to also play Catan which is a huge acomplishement considering that we haven't played anything together since I think 2 or 3 years ago. Monday and Tuesday I went to Cluj were I met my brother, my best friend from AIESEC and my girlfriend. A flower, a book, a coffee, random moments and all of them smilling. They are some of the most important people in my life and it felt unexpectatly really good to see them smile.
Beeing back into AIESEC Cluj is like a whirlwind and beeing chair for the 3SOME RTS is like a tornado in itself. When I entered AIESEC Adisor, the chair for my RTS, was half the reason I stayed in the organization and I hope I may have done the same for some of the new members. Meeting again Tzutzu mic, Vlad But, Cips, Ioana Sirca, Emil, Adi Rusu, Clau and Alec, people who in different moments in my AIESEC life have ment so much for me, showed me how valuable are those precious links to those people who are close to your heart and how easy it is to forget about them as we run trough life.
My greatest satisfaction was to see the smiles on everybody's faces when the conference ended, going trough the sugarcubes and seeing a happy faci team.
Beeing with Anda for this entire week was like I never left for Bucharest. It all felt so natural and so right. Jumping between faci meetings, plenaries or having random talks together over a pizza or a coffee felt like nothing bad could happen and out of all the things out there called life this is how it should be for us.
Right now I am on the train running from Cluj to Bucharest, where another world is waiting for me. Somehow I feel that for the last months I have been trying to keep this two worlds separate and felt like living two parallel lives.
Tomorrow I'll try to clash them and see what happens.

vineri, 17 iulie 2009

building up tables

This is what we did yesterday night together with Ela, Cristi and Beldi in our new MC office. Since we are moving and budget allocating for this is 0 we try to make the most out of the resources we have. We used the pieces of wood from a book shelf drawer to build up 3 new tables. I believe we spent close to 4 hours working on this home-made project. I can tell you it is not easy to build up furniture but it can be realy great if you do it with the right people.
Having the satisfaction of a job well done we left the soon to be office at around 12 and I kept thinking about to things:

1. There is no substitute for work regardless and no thing such as a free ride
2. If I ever want a cheap and awsome team-building we just have to sit together and "build our own tables"

Hmm...this could be an ideea for furniture artisans for a second line of business;)

luni, 13 iulie 2009